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Technology Glossary

Made using patented Anatomic Gel Technology®, the soles of the shoes are made from a combination of natural rubber and a special gel. This exclusive technique gives their soles supreme flexibility and added resilience, with a non-slip surface and soft leather welts for the ultimate in comfort.

To ensure their shoes provide maximum comfort, Anatomic & Co have incredibly cushioned footbeds. Made from two layers of foam and latex, with a genuine sheepskin chamois leather lining for a super soft feel, they are not only phenomenally comfortable but durable and hardwearing. They also include a patented antibacterial layer for maximum breathability and moisture absorption, helping your feet to stay cool, dry and fresh.


This is primarily a cushioning system, but it also improves climate control. Each insole incorporates up to 300 air bubbles which act like shock absorbers reducing the impact stress of walking. The patented design of these bubbles also encourages moisture to concentrate within them and then permeate out, rather than staying trapped inside the shoe and causing discomfort, at the same time this promotes circulation of air helping to keep feet feel fresh and comfortable all day long. This is what makes Caprice shoes feel like you’re “walking on air.”

Clarks Plus is a system of intelligent underfoot cushioning. Dual density cushioning is targeted at areas where the foot experiences most pressure, restoring feet to their natural position so you move in the way that's best for you. Clarks Plus cushioning makes shoes incredibly comfortable without compromising the look.

An extra light antibacterial sole; it is three times lighter than a traditional sole, making the shoe feel better on the foot. They are supremely light, flexible and just as hardwearing and shock absorbing as a heavier sole.

Clarks Unstructured shoes are designed for lightweight flexible comfort. They feature perforated chamois, or comparably soft leather linings, which work with the hidden vents to provide exceptional breathability. The soles are rubber inlays in an EVA midsole, which allows for exceptional flexibility whilst reducing weight and maximising durability.

SoftWear shoes contain clever cushioning that softens every step. They incorporate extra cushioning for the forefoot which softens the step for the ball of the foot, whilst foam padding throughout cushions every part of each step. The sole bends and flexes with the foot’s natural movement reducing fatigue.

The name says it all, ‘flex’ comes from the ultra-soft leathers and cutaway sole that allows the foot to bend naturally and the ‘light’ describes how each pair weighs less than 400g. This is finished with a biocide to stop germs and bad smells.

Wavewalk allows you to walk for longer with less effort thanks to a curve and pivot point in the sole which allows the foot to roll in a smooth transition; reducing the energy used in bending and flexing the foot. Wavewalk uses the body’s natural motion to help propel the wearer through each step. ‘Walk further. Feel fitter’.

Active Air offers the ultimate in underfoot cushioning; harnessing the power of air and using it to work with, instead of against, feet. There are tiny air pockets which compress with each step, which adds a cushioning effect to each step. This air also helps insulate feet, keeping them warm.

Active Air with Air Flow offers not only the ultimate in underfoot cushioning, but you also have the added benefit of air flowing under and around the foot. This helps to keep feet cool and comfortable.

The unique open-cell structure of an Ortholite® high-performance footbed delivers long-lasting cushioning plus breathability and moisture-wicking.


A game-changer in both style and functionality to tip the scales for your heroes' feet, with the ergonomic fit that creates the perfect asymmetric fit that'll respect the shape of the foot; and responsive cushioning- with its premium materials that deliver heroic underfoot cushioning and contoured fit. And with the targeted flex points which provide biomechanics that respect and optimise the natural motion of your heroes feet of which work amazing with the supersoft, flexible uppers that provide that glove-like fit to take supporting natural movement to a new level that would get Captain America's seal of approval!

High top shoes fit for a hero, they're super lightweight and flexible to support feet no matter the adventure they're on! With durable cushioned soles to absorb the impact of every step as well as simple lace-up fastening teaming up with a side zip and heel loop tab for a quick and easy on/off that'd give Iron Man a run for his money!

Low top shoes fit for a hero, they're super lightweight and flexible to support feet no matter the adventure they're on! With durable cushioned soles to absorb the impact of every step as well as the simple double rip-tape fastening for a quick, easy and fashionable on/off that'd make Black Widow jealous!


The rubber based Croc’s products aren’t actually rubber, they are manufactured using the Croslite™ technology which is a closed-cell foam resin, which:

  • Allow your feet to expand, bend and move freely without resistance.
  • Are ergonomically-approved.
  • Are lightweight.
  • Are proven to reduce muscle fatigue by nearly two-thirds - perfect if you’re on a leisure holiday but still want to get out and about and see the sights.
  • Are great for those working in professions where health and safety is key – as the rubber material can be easily sterilised.
  • Will mould themselves to the unique contours of your feet – creating a bespoke fit that ensures maximum comfort.
  • Is odour resistant
  • Are recyclable, which means that they can happily be used in a recreational setting and then recycled - rather than just thrown in the bin like your standard shoe.

Receptor Technology is designed to provide support and comfort through the three phases of a natural walking motion; giving the wearer serious performance and comfort.
Ultimately Receptor Technology improves power, cushions and reduces muscle fatigue.

  • Step One: Heel-strike, a bare foot strikes the ground at a 20 degree angle. Receptor Technology mimics this giving you the momentum to follow through the stride.
  • Step Two: Mid-stance, when the supporting foot holds the greatest weight burden. Receptor Technology supports the foot allowing the Great ligament to lock in place which maximises stability.
  • Step Three: Push off, the sole flexes like the ball of your foot and gives you an extra boost when you push off the ground.

Designed to reduce the impact stress you experience when walking in Ecco shoes. Tiny air cushions absorb some of the vibrations that travel through the body, returning some energy to the wearer. The key thing about them is they reduce the fatigue, or that ‘tired feeling’, making Ecco shoes more comfortable to wear.

Made from an open-celled material; this allows air to circulate the feet, helping them stay fresh. It also has an anti-bacterial effect; by neutralising the bacteria occurring in moisture and sweat, it reduces possible odours. The shock-absorbing effect protects the lumbar region, coccyx and spine. The material is very soft and durable so it follows the contours of the foot when walking, and it doesn’t lose its shape or special effect as a result of use. They are even recyclable too!

All Ecco shoes have a slim heel fitting and a broader toe box; this gives the foot more room to spread and move naturally. This means customers should feel less fatigue when wearing Ecco shoes as they are not confined, it also allows for better air circulation and potentially better blood flow to the feet.

A way of making selected ECCO leathers more water tight. During the tanning process hydrophobic compounds like silicone are impregnated into the leather’s structure, this means that it shouldn’t wear off. They are not guaranteed waterproof, Ecco recommend that they will keep water out for up to 8 hours.


Launched with FitFlop’s very first sandal back in 2007, this midsole delivers extraordinary comfort, it not only helps to absorb shock but can also minimise underfoot pressure, by instantly increasing the contact area of the foot to the midsole. It helps increase the time that your muscles are engaged every single time you take a step. .

Developed to deliver world-class ergonomics and all-day comfort, this patent-pending, dual-density SuperComff midsole allows FitFlop to discreetly engineer amazing comfort and cushion into traditionally slim shoe shapes. It’s biomechanically designed to diffuse areas of high pressure and is superlight, flexible and just absolutely fabulous.

The new Anatomicush midsole is simply amazing. Designed by FitFlop’s in-house expert bio-mechanists, it’s both flexible and superlight, with soft curves shaped to hug the contours of your feet and a motion-empowering grid of flex lines underneath.

Recently launched in the new mind-bendingly comfortable iQushion flip flops, this latest midsole was developed by FitFlop’s in-house bio-mechanist. It’s unbelievably light, and it is smart-engineered with ergonomic arch contouring plus it features micro-bubble foam impact pillows for all-day heel and ball-of-foot cushioning.

Here's some extra reading on FitFlop

An Italian patent that promotes breathability. Geox perforate their sole units which then allows sweat and perspiration to escape. They then back the sole unit with a breathable microporous membrane, which will allow the warm perspiration to vent without letting any moisture back in. This means you get the grip and comfort you expect of a rubber sole, but with much better breathability.

Geox’s own take on the Gore-Tex membrane, waterproof and breathable. This technology not only helps the upper material breathe, but also the outsole which allows for moisture to escape through the micropores in the membrane and keeps your kid's feet toasty and dry without sacrificing comfort.


Dual fitting shoes have a removable innersole which provides extra depth and width, which enables customers to get a perfect fit for each foot. Hotter’s dual fitting system incorporates a removable internal liner which when removed provides extra room in the toe box, without reducing underfoot cushioning and support.

Millions of tiny air bubbles all placed within the insole; providing the consumer with a light, supportive bounce to enjoy every time they take a step

Soles that are designed specifically to move the way you do. The targeted flex channels help to reduce the stress experienced when flexing the foot, improving the wearing experience whilst reducing the energy and effort expended.

A unique comfort cushioning placed under the heel, when combined with padded insoles, collars and tongues, will pamper the consumer’s feet with every step they take.


This is an insole feature within selected Josef Seibel shoes that reduces stress and improves comfort. The footbed has discrete air pockets and channels which help to reduce impact stress and improve air circulation and breathability. The innersole is anatomically shaped to provide support and is leather topped to help feet feel fresh. For added comfort it also includes an active carbon compound which combats odour and bacteria build up, allowing for a more breathable and generally healthier environment.

This is a fully seam sealed waterproofing system. A proprietary membrane prevents water from penetrating the shoe, whilst allowing perspiration to escape; ensuring that your feet enjoy a comfortable climate no matter what the weather decides.


A sole unit designed to provide traction in icy conditions. Specially designed Thermo-chromatic lugs change colour at 0°, alerting you to the potential of icy conditions; whilst the specially designed lug pattern provides exceptional grip, even in the harshest of winter weather. They offer up to 3 times more grip on wet ice, than a conventional sole, and shouldn’t mark carpets either.

This is a proprietary sole unit from Merrell; it is intended for increasing the versatility of performance footwear. To create this Merrell incorporate extra slip resistant materials with their own unique lug designs and depths to provide maximum traction on a multitude of surfaces, whether they are wet or dry.

A shock absorber that provides all day cushioning. Using an air pocket in the heel the Air Cushion absorbs the impact stress of up to 4x the bodies’ weight, whilst realigning the heel for a more neutral gait.

A midsole technology designed by Merrell to provide a wearing experience that is soft to the ground, providing cushioning and shock absorption, whilst remaining firm against the foot to increase support and stability. Made using an ultralight durable EVA, which is approximately 20% softer than standard EVA foam. The Unifly midsole is found predominantly on performance shoes and cradles the foot, helping to promote natural motion whist offering some support.

Specifically designed for women, Q-Form aims to improve alignment and comfort whilst reducing muscular/joint pain and helping to prevent foot roll and fallen arches. Generally women have shorter legs and broader hips, which lowers their centre of gravity and increases the angle of the legs by about 5°; to counter this Q-Form has zoned supports which work with these differences to improve motion efficiency. Women also tend to have longer toes and higher, more flexible arches; Q-Form accommodates this by moving flex points and changing the shape and position of the arch supports.

An antimicrobial treatment designed to combat the build-up of odour causing microbes and bacteria; through the use of friendly and reactive microbes that break down perspiration on contact, these microbes will last the lifetime of the product. Merrell incorporate this into a lot of footwear to help keep your feet and shoes feel fresher for longer; great for multi-day trips.

This is a waterproofing technology; an internal membrane prevents rain, snow and water in general from penetrating the shoe. To ensure no water ingress every seam is sealed with specially designed waterproof tape. The outer layer of Merrell M-Select Dry functions as a safeguard in rain and snow whilst blocking wind at the same time, making them very light and ideal for high intensity activities.


Lightweight shoes keep you feeling free and easy all day long. As there is minimal weight you exert less energy, meaning you can walk further, faster and longer than in a heavier pair.

Microscopic air pockets provide a shock absorbing effect; which is designed to absorb the impact stress created when walking. It’s more than just a cushioning system however; it converts the shock into energy for the next step. This all combines to have an effect on your posture and helps you to stay out and about for longer.

This is more than just flexibility. Rieker designs their sole units to be not only supremely flexible, but to also quickly and easily return to their original shape and position. This combination of flexibility and reflexibility helps to remove stress created through flexing the foot whilst walking.

Rieker understands that your feet will expand throughout the day; to accommodate for this they incorporate broader and deeper toe boxes. This gives room for your feet to relax without getting that pinching feeling.


Goga Pillars® can be found on the outsole and encourage a more streamlined and flexible design, as rather than the outer sole being made of a singular element it is constructed via multiple parts that allow for a more responsive walking experience than you’ve ever felt before! Goga Pillars® are great for your feet, as with both your day-to-day activities as well as those more intense activities the Goga Pillars® sole will absorb shocks whilst also supporting the natural movement of the foot.

Skechers’ Goga Max® insole provides a next generation standard of cushioning and support. With its high-rebound cushioning and tapering midfoot design for both a more natural walking motion with minimum impact shock and for improved arch support to keep you moving in comfort. Goga Max offers you that great cushioning without having to be of memory foam construction.

Did you know that viscoelastic was developed by NASA in the 1970s to improve the seat cushions and crash protection of the space shuttle? Skechers Gel-Infused Memory Foam also uses this viscoelastic as it is ultra-soft and allows contouring to a majority of foot shapes, moulding to your feet for a personalised fit and all-day comfort.

A gel foam mattress is also made from viscoelastic, but it has been infused with gel. Usually, the gel is distributed evenly throughout the mattress, but depending on design it is sometimes only present in a single layer, regardless of construction this method of memory foam helps to keep your feet comfortable by contouring perfectly around your feet. Gel-infused memory foam also helps to dissipate heat as it enhances air circulation so as to keep your feet from feeling the heat!


Gore-Tex makes shoes waterproof and guaranteed to keep you dry. All seams and weaknesses are sealed so water cannot penetrate.

This is an antimicrobial shield, preventing bacterial and fungal growth for the entirety of the shoe’s life. Agion is a zeolite carrier that delivers active ingredients including ionic silver, which fights microbes by preventing respiration, inhibiting cell division and disrupting cell metabolism. Agion eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria, helping to keep feet feeling fresh all day every day.

A material increasingly used for making high quality innersoles. The microscopic air pockets provide great cushioning and help with absorbing the stresses of walking; and due to its open celled structure they provide good breathability and retain shape much better than a standard EVA innersole.