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A lot of the shoes that we stock are shown with width fittings both in-store as well as on our website,
whilst these width fittings are helpful to find shoes in your size it is important to remember a few things:
That every brand can be different, and even different shoes from the same brand can fit differently.
Our Mens, Ladies and Adult Unisex products are shown in UK sizes and/or EU sizes depending on style.
Whilst our Children's shoes will be shown in either UK or EU sizes depending on the brand of the shoe.

With footwear it's not just the size that matters for a good fit, the width is an important part as well.
And in terms of widths, most footwear we stock will use the de facto standard of D, E, F, G and H.


With D and E being the more narrow fits- D being the more narrow and E being the least narrow.
F is a regular fitting width, this is the most common width of feet and is always well stocked here!
And G and H are the wider fittings, with G being the least wide and H being the most wide fitting.

Guide to Children's Shoe Width Standards


Ladies' sizes are different, with C being the more narrow fit- whilst D is a regular fitting width.
And E and EE are the wider fittings, with E being the least wide and EE being the most wide fitting.

Guide to Women's Shoe Width Standards


For Men, size F is the more narrow fit, with G being the regular fitting width and H as the wider fitting.

Guide to Men's Shoe Width Standards

If you need help regarding the fit, or would like to order a fitted product, please get in contact with us.
If you're unsure about fittings, we advise you come in-store and we can professionally fit your feet.
(Our fitting service is entirely free of charge and our staff are expertly trained!)

Size Conversion Charts*

*These charts follow the de facto standard, some brands have their own size conversion charts that do not follow these charts.

Infant/Children's Size Conversion Chart Youth's Size Conversion Chart Women's Size Conversion Chart Men's Size Conversion Chart

Need some help fitting your children from home?
This guide by Clarks should help: Clarks: Fit at Home